The Services That We Offer

Gate Pa Village Pharmacy offers a wide range of traditional and holistic health services. 

Our friendly team is here to help. Whether you are looking for an alternate medicine solution or some cosmetic advice our highly trained and fully qualified team will happily answer any questions that you have.

We have a fully qualified pharmacist in the pharmacy at all times.  The pharmacist is available to discuss any questions that you have about your medicines and answer any healthcare questions that might pop up.  Our dispensary services are always supervised by a pharmacist.Our service complies with all aspects of the Code of Health & Disability Services Consumer Rights.

Health Checks

Taking care of yourself matters. Gate Pa Village Pharmacy offers walk in health checks including

  • Blood pressure checks
  • Blood Glucose Monitor Service

This means no pesky waits at the doctors office and a quick and easy way of ensuring that your baseline health is being monitored as it should be. ​

Weight Management

Weight Management need not be a struggle. We work with our customers to create a personally tailored weight management programme to ensure that not only is your weight managed well, but that you remain healthy throughout the process. Talk to us about some of our amazing supplement today. 


Gate Pa VIllage Pharmacy offers influenza vaccinations. For people eligible for funded influenza vaccine (eg Pregnant women and over 65year old), the vaccine is free. Please check if you are eligible.

Stop Smoking

Have you made the decision to STOP Smoking? Firstly, well done, we aware very aware how difficult this decision can be and making the decision to quit is the first step towards a happier healthier you.

We have a number of options available and together with your doctor (if required) we will find the solution that works for you and your unique situation. 

Whether this will be your first attempt at quitting or your hundredth our friendly staff will take the time to talk to you about what quitting means for you and your family and will help you to commit to your quite programme.

Not only can we assist you with various quit aids, but we will provide you with informaiton about what to expect when you quit smoking, how to recognise your unique triggers and how to go about sticking to your decision. We will also provide you with everything you need to know about who you can contact if you need additional help. 

Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Needing to talk to someone about the emergency contraceptive pill is something that some people find difficult. 

We are focused on your health and nothing else. We are not here to judge and will help you to put your mind at ease so that you can carry on with your day. 

We have an accreduted pharmacist who can provide you with antibiotics that can treat Urinary tract infection. This service does not require a prescription, but only available with consultation in a private room under specific circumstances. Talk to us about your health needs